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Welcome to the photo- and eco-friendly Railay Dive Center. Here you will find high-quality snorkeling trips, underwater adventures in diving, all PADI diving courses- both recreational and technical- and a great opportunity to learn more about underwater photography, all in an environmentally friendly manner. Railay Dive Center is open all year. We go diving nearly every day, even in the low season.

We do our diving and snorkeling trips to the beautiful Andaman sea area surrounding Krabi every day throughout the year. The trip starts at 08.00 from Railay Dive Center in the Railay west beach walking street. We will pick up the customers from Ao Nang  a bit earlier (free pick up from Ao Nang area) and will be back in Railay around 13.30- 17.30, depending on the destination of the day. All our diving and snorkeling trips include equipment, professional and friendly guiding, water and/ or refreshments and a traditional, tasty- but not too spicy, thai-style lunch that will be enjoyed between the dives either on the boat or on one of the islands, depending on the chosen dive sites.

Railay Beach

There are three main beaches in Railay, that are all connected to the Railay east and through that, each other. The westside beaches are sandy and pictoresque "postcard beaches". Railay east is mainly mangrove and during the low tide you will find big areas of seabed, which is again covered as the tide runs in again. Everything in Railay is within walking distance, so yo don't have to worry about the transportation.

Railay west beach is regarded as the main beach in Railay. This is here you will arrive if you take a taxi boat from either end of Ao Nang beach longtail box and ask to go to Railay. There are couple of resorts and a walking street with many souvenir and clothes shops, a minimart, climbing shops- and the Railay Dive Center.

Tonsai beach is the northernmost beach that is especially favoured by the climbers and backbackers. You will propably find the most affordable accommodation here. Accessible from Raliay west beach by either a path by the cliffs or a longer route via Railay east and Railay highlands jungle path.

The Phra Nang beach is the southernmost beach in the westside. Some people call this the most beautiful beach in Krabi area. And while this is a matter of opinion and open to debate, they do have a point- Phra Nang beach is breathtakingly beautiful with its chrystal clear blue water and vertical cliffs soaring to the skies. The famous Princess Cave is also located here.

There are also couple of beautiful viewpoints in Railay. One is between Railay east and Phra Nang and opens up to an astonishing view over Railay east. This viewpoint is also near the famous Lagoon, which is an isolated lagoon surrounded by high vertical cliffs and a jungle. Wear good shoes and be prepared to get some dust in your sweaty clothes.

The second viewpoint opens from a big cave between Phra Nang beach and Railay west beach. This cave is accessible from the north end of Phra Nang cave and before you reach the viewpoint, there is a pich- black chamber with a ladder, so be prepared with a torch or a headlamp. In case you want to go to Railay west from here, bring also your abseiling equipment with you.



Diving areas in the Andaman Sea in Railay area

The beautiful Andaman sea surrounding the Krabi area is made for diving! Railay beach is situated right next to the Ao Nang Local islands, which offer a rich variety of marine life and are as if made for diving and underwater photography. What these divesites lack in depth (max. 20 m.) is made up by the huge amount of different marine life. Corals, reef fish, seahorses, cuttlefish, barracudas, nemos and even blacktip reef sharks can be seen here, just to name a few.

When we go further south, we come to the world famous Phi Phi Islands. Made famous by Leonardo Di Caprio in his backpacker movie, "The Beach", Phi Phi in itself is one of the most sought after destination in Thailand. The marine life in Phi Phi is very similar to the local islands, with a difference that here you will likely see a bit bigger animals, such as turtles or Blacktip reefshars, or a Leopard shark.

We also have a famous wreck in the area. The King Cruiser ferry hit the Anemone Reef in 1997 and sank. Now both make wonderful divesites with their rich and abundant marine life. The Railay Dive Center "Superday" is the three dives day for more experienced divers, during which we visit the King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point and Anemone Reef. Less experienced divers can realax on the boat during the deep wreck dive and enjoy the two reef dives.

Again a bit further are the divesites of Koh Haa Yai and Hin Daeng, known for their deeper (40-50+meters) waters, and big marine life, such as Mantarays and Whalesharks. Koh Haa Yia is an excellent site for divers of all levels and snorkelers alike, whereas the Hin Daeng can be a bit more challenging and requires a certain level of confidence in the diving skills.

Railay Dive Center Boats

We offer 3 different boat options: Longtail boat, Big boat and Speedboat. Keeping groups of friends and families in mind, all the Railay Dive Center boats can comfortably accommodate both divers and snorkelers. All our boats are relatively small on purpose. Small groups on the boat and small groups in the water make the holiday experience more enjoyable. We can also choose the divesites that are not crowded. This way we will make sure that we will see more fish than other divers under water.

Longtail boat is the traditional Thai way to travel across the water in short distances and you will see these exotic boat everywhere in Thailand. One can almost say that if you have not been on these noisy, but beautiful boats, you have not been in Thailand. We use Longtail boats for our trips to the Local Islands. The travel time per one way is 30-45 minutes. Maximum capasity for these exotic beauties is 12 customers.

The Big Boat is the most widely used diving platform in the world. The Railay Dive Center big boat (M/V Pla Dao) is used for the Phi Phi and the Local Islands trips during the high season from November till April. It is very relaxed and small enough not to be crowded (in and out of the water) with a travel time to Phi Phi approximately 2 hours ,that you can use working hard on your holiday tan, depending on the divesites. The big boat is ideal for beginners and students, since you have plenty of time to check the equipment and do the things you do on a diving course on the way to and from the divesites. Maximum capasity with the big boat is 20 customers.


The Railay Dive Center Speedboat (M/V Tinna) takes you there fast. It will also enables us to do the less dived sites more far away. The speedboat is used mainly for the fundiving trips for the more experienced divers. We use the speedboat to take us to the Bidas & the Phi Phi wreck- trip and King Cruiser wreck, Shark Point and Anemone reef superday trip. We also do the Phi Phi Island hopping trip with the speedboat, which allows us to use the travel time in the next snorkeling/ diving destination. Travel time to Phi Phi with the speedboat is 25-50 minutes, depending on the divesites with a maximum capacity of 15 customers.


Snorkeling with a divecenter will give you an entirely different experience than snorkeling with the regular "4/7 islands"-tours where you also do a bit of snorkeling but the main attraction are the beaches and your 60 new best friends that you will be sharing the trip with.

Railay Dive Center snorkeling trips will take you to the best snorkeling sites avaible so you will see plenty of marine life at the Local islands, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Haa Yai or on an exciting Phi Phi Island Tour. On the Railay Dive Center snorkeling trip you will get good guidance, good equipment and the snorkeling sites will be the best that the beautiful Krabi area has to offer. There will also be maximum 20 other customers on the boat so you will not be crowded on the boat or in the water. Snorkeling is best enjoyed in small groups.

The equipment -masks, snorkels and fins are the same quality as we have as our rental equipment for the divers, so you will know that you will not be given some leaky and uncomfortable gadget made of cheap plastic, but the equipment will work properly and enable a pleasant snorkeling experiece. We will also request everyone to take a lifejacket with them. It is easy roll it up under your belly or float beside you and use it as a signal for boats to see you better. It will also come in handy in case you need to cough, get a cramp or have to help you friend.

Good briefing can make a big difference in the snorkeling experience. Especially the more inexperienced snorkelers will benefit from a bit of information regarding techniques, equipment, the site and the marine life. Before we go in the water, our guides will tell you how to use the equipment as well as the basics of how to safely exit and enter the boat, and how to safely snorkel in general. You will also get some freediving tips if you want, so don't be shy if you are interested.

The marine life is propably one of the main reasons why we love diving and snorkeling so much. Each diving and snorkeling site has it's own unique character, which our guides will tell you before we go in the water. Some fish like to swim near the surface. whereas other like to swim near the bottom or, like stingrays, even lie buried in the sand. When you know a bit about the habits of the marine life, it is easier to keep an eye open for tose exiting creatures. Our guides will also let you know some cool special features that most of the sites have so that you can keep an eye open for those features.



Fundiving is the term we use for certified divers to go diving just for fun, without any particular tasks to perform.  The Railay Dive Center trips go to the best diving sites avaible so you will see plenty of marine life at the Local islands, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Haa Yai, Shark Point Marine park, Hin Daeng or our exciting Phi Phi Island Tour.

Liveaboard trips

The Railay Dive Center also offers several different liveaboard trip options. There are 2 day liveaboard trips to the southern Koh Haa YAi and Hin Daeng areas and 3, 4 and 5 day liveboard trips to the world famous Similan Islands, Koh Bon and Richelieu Rock areas, depending on your diving desires.

PADI Diving Courses.

Railay Dive Center is offering all PADI courses from the very first dive all the way to the levels of a diving professional. Whether you never tried diving before, want to deepen your knowledge with Advanced-or Speciality courses or want to make a career in diving by becoming a professional in diving, you have come to the right place. PADI courses will take only 2-3 days to complete and are mostly conducted outdoors and on the boat, so  you can keep on working with your holiday bronce-project during them.

Railay Dive Center is a valued PADI member (PADI IRRA#22768)

Technical Diving Courses

Railay Dive Center offers the PADI TecRec technical diving courses. Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 are the basic level Technical diving courses that will teach you to dive to 50 meters using air as a back gas and decompressing  with enriched gases of up to 100% oxygen. In the Andaman sea surrounding the Krabi area technical diving will give you a lot more area to explore- and extend those bottom times drastically. This will also give you a solid foundation and you can leter continue to Trimix- or Rebreather diver.


Private trips

Railay Dive Center has a variety of private trips to offer for those who prefer to spend a magical day in the Andaman sea in their own exclusive group of friends or family. On a private trip you can design your own schedule, diving and snorkeling destination and -sites and number of stops for the activities. In short you can design you rown dream program and we will help you to make that dream come true.

Railay Dive Center can organize private trips to groups from 2 to 30, and the schedule varying from 1 day to 3 weeks. You can also plan your diving event, course, diveclub diving trip or special honeymoon diveday anywhere in Thailand and we will make it happen.

Below are some examples of private trips:

Private Longtail trips on the Local Islands for1 -8 people. You can choose to go in the morning for a day in the sun, or you can go in the afternoon and do the last dive as a nightdive. Local Islands also have some nice beaches that we  can visit and enjoy the scenery.  We can also combine divers and snorkelers on the same trip according to your wishes.

Private Big Boat trips to the Local Islands, Hong Island, Phi Phi and King Cruiser wreck. The Big boat is best suited for larger groups or divers with a lot of equipment that need some space to work around them, such as serious underwater photographers or technical divers. The Railay Dive Center big boat is also in its element for a group of school kids snorkeling and having an awesome day out enjoying the beautiful Adaman sea. The big boat is suitable for 4-25 people depending on the activity and equipment requirements.

Private speedboat trips to Local Islands, Hong Island, Phi Phi and King Cruiser wreck. For 2- 15 people.The Railay Dive Center speedboat is best option for a small to medium group that wish to explore either farter divesites or for Island hopping to visit several beaches in one go. You can also rent the speedboat for a private trip to Phuket or Koh Lanta.

The Koh Haa Yai and Hin Daeng trips are done on request. For 2-10 guests.. We will begin early in the morning with a car or minivan transfer before we will join another diveboat to go diving in these magnificent divesites. This trip is available during the high season ad can be arranged with 2 or 3 dives, depending on the date and schedule. Koh Haa Yai is suitable for snorkelers as well as all levels of divers. Hin Daeng is often prone to strong currents and is recommended for more experienced divers.

The Koh Haa Yai and Hin Daeng combo is another option for a small group where we will first get the early morning start,  dive Koh Haa Yai caves and caverns on the first day, stay overnight in our destination in a nice bungalow and dive the majestic Hin Daeng on the second day before coming back to Krabi.


How to get here?

By plain:
You can fly to Krabi from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Also many European travel agencies have direct flights to Krabi during the high season.

You have to use taxi, bus or rent a car to get to Ao nang from krabi airport. You Can ask for a direct transfer to Railay from the airport.

There are longtail boat taxi service in both Ao Num Mao and Ao Nang beaches. You can buy a ticket to Railay from the longtail box and the boat transfer will take 10-15 minutes. Low season 2015 one way ticket fare was 100 thb/ person.

For schedules and other travel information visit: Thai Airways, Air Asia or Bangkok Airways

How to find us?

Our Ao Nang shop is located  in the middle of Ao Nang beach road half way between Burger King and Seven-Eleven right next to the Aning restaurant/Ao Nang Beach Resort, and you can find it by walking. The RDC Ao Nang counter is open 1pm -9 pm daily.

Our main office is on Railay west beach walking street. You can reach Railay west  beach by longtail from directly Ao Nang or you can take a logtail boat from Ao Nam Mao or Krabi town to the Railay East, which is 5 minutes walking distance from the Railay west beach and the RDC. RDC Railay office is open 12-8pm during the Low Season (April-November) and 12- 9 pm during the High Season.

There is also regular ferry transportation from Ao Nang, Krabi town, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Phuket.

For schedules and other travel information visit: www.railay.com

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Booking and Cancellation of trips

Please note that all the trips (diving and snorkeling) and courses are booked latest by the previous day and the booking is confirmed by a deposit fee of 50% of the trip price. In case of cancellation during the night before by 8pm the deposit is returned. In case  of same morning cancellations, the RDC will not return the deposit (50% of the trip price) but will retain that amount to cover the expences that organizing the trip will cause. The Railay Dive Center will, however, give a written certification of cancellation and the amount paid for insurance purposes. In case of cancellation by the Railay Dive Center (due to a bad weather etc.) the full amount paid is returned.

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